The Noble Company was under the protection of Saint Philip and Saint James the Minor, and celebrated its ceremonies and reunions in the church of Saint Francis -meetings and fests to which no one could be invited except clergymen- as well as its religious rites in its festivity days -May, June and December-; they also met in case of a companion's death.

The Noble Company was ruled by a major, a steward and a secretary; the two first were yearly elected during the day of Philip and Saint James the Minor in May 3th, following a serious order. The major was law authority, in charge of everything in relation with fees, punishments and penalties; in this matter was compared with an ordinary major in that time, he was like a true Royal Justice.

The steward was in charge of economic and administration services of the Company; he managed the organization of ceremonies and reunions. He also was in charge of the surveillance of the communal fields stablishing guard timings. That work had a very important meaning and the Noble Company was special interest in it. The secretary, a secondary charge, managed only the Noble Company books and documents.